Artstart has managed to adapt and thrive during these times. We are proud and grateful to be able to offer safe, in-person, creative, community to talented Sonoma County teens who may otherwise feel isolated while distance learning.  


Currently, we are running one-on-one apprenticeship sessions every other month. These sessions are held Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 2-6

pm. There is also an option to attend from 4-6 pm for students whos school schedules don't allow for the full session. 

Each session, we admit 5-6 apprentices. Each apprentice is assigned to a lead artist, and as a team they work on an assigned project. Projects have been commissioned from a private client, or are funded by a grant or through the city.

Our apprenticeship sessions aim to provide professional artistic mentorship to the creative youth of Sonoma County. Over the course of the 3-4 weeks of the session, the apprentice is expected to treat the program like a job. They must be on time and focused, and if they must miss a day for any reason, should inform their lead artist or the program director ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly. 

Apprentices are paid a small stipend for their participation (around $250, depending on how many total hours that particular session is). Students who attend only from 4-6 will have a prorated stipend. 


If you haven't participated in an Artstart apprenticeship in the last year, you must apply by submitting an application and a portfolio. Follow the link below for application materials and instructions.