to WOIA Youth Participants in Sonoma County

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Part Time, $15/hour


Artstart provides aspiring young artists in Sonoma County the opportunity to create public art that is placed throughout our communities, while learning professional skills and building a portfolio. Professional artists guide young artists though the process of meeting with clients, designing and creating the project, and installing the work.


During the six-month Internships, interns work under the mentoring guidance of professional artists who serve as role models and help them to experience art as a realistic profession or course of study. Interns work on creative projects throughout the organization, including murals, benches, mosaics, etc. In addition, Interns assist with administrative projects for events, outreach, social media, office tasks, planning, design, customer service, installation, and team leadership. Apprentices learn important transferable employment skills while pursuing artistic excellence.

Learning areas include: design, problem solving, creative thinking, collaboration, negotiation, meeting deadlines, client presentation, speaking skills, and timely completion of projects.


Candidates for the ArtStart WIOA Work Experience Internship should be currently enrolled as a WIOA Participant within Sonoma County and be interested in exploring a visual arts career pathway.


WIOA Youth Case Managers can complete a TWEX/OJT Request Form and submit to HSD, naming ArtStart as their WEX placement of choice.

Any additional questions about the Internship Openings can be directed to:

Jennifer Tatum, ArtStart Creative Director