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An article was featured in the June 2023 edition of Sonoma County Gazette.

Diavolas, a pizzeria located in Geyserville, CA has been so generous to host a silent auction featuring 10 beautiful pieces inspired by botanical illustrations.

Mary Christensen, who is a lead artist at Artstart has worked very hard to bring these creations to life. 

Bidding for the silent auction closes on July 11th. BID HERE


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An article that was featured in Northern California Public Media on March 30, 2023


Peace - a simple and strong word, and a goal shared by many here in Sonoma County. One group is making efforts to spread the message of peace with Sonoma county’s students.

Peace poles - you might have seen them in a park, garden, or a school.

"They usually have five sides and let there be peace is written on each side in various languages," Jane Futrell said.

Futrell is with ArtStart.

That's the long running nonprofit that helps provide mentor ship and arts opportunities for local students.

Including helping to get peace poles onto local campuses.

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An article featured in the March 22, 2023 edition of The Argus Courier (left).

"Tucked inside a nondescript business park in Northwest Santa Rosa, Artstart ‒ a Santa Rosa-base nonprofit focused on supporting young people in a career in the arts ‒ features bright splashes of color at the entrance, distinguishing the spot from the other gray, utilitarian businesses sharing the space.

It’s here that Charissa Drengsen, a longtime Petaluma resident and career/education specialist for the Petaluma People Services Center, has been conducting classes to help young artists with an interest in the arts to learn about the business side of creativity."

Read the full article here

A feature article in the December 14, 2022 edition of The Press Democrat (right).

“It was never just a mural for me — it is so much more than that. It was an act of co-creation and place-making and standing beside these young people showing our support,” said Erika Lutz, one of three artists who helped spearhead the project. The trio also included local environmental muralist Alina Nuebel and youth arts educator Kaya Rose.

We wanted to bring students back to full-time learning in a way that not only addressed learning loss, but more importantly addressed their social emotional needs, and what better way to do that than through the arts,” said Georgia Ioakimedes, director of Alternative Education-Student Support Services at the Sonoma County Office of Education, which oversees Amarosa."

Read the full article here

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A feature article in the November 15th, 2021 edition of The Press Democrat (right).

"One alumna, Rose Hammock, an enrolled Round Valley Indian tribal member who is of Pomo, Wailacki and Maidu descent, spoke to the audience at the unveiling. She is a member of Pomo Project, an organization that provides workshops and cultural teachings.

'Being a student here, a lot of people looked at me funny when I said I was Pomo, because they didn’t know what that was,' Hammock said to the crowd. 'Being able to have art like this is a beautiful opportunity to tell our story as Native and Indigenous people.'"

Read the full article here

Article in the September 25, 2022 edition of the Press Democrat: 

"Harper, who died last November, launched the festival 13 years ago after increased gang violence rattled the neighborhood, said Annette Arnold, project lead of the South Park Coalition. He wanted to bring a sense of community and safety to the community."

“'Everything (Harper) did, his entire existence, was for the community,' said Katie Watts-Whitaker, communications manager for CAPS Sonoma County, which had a booth at the festival. 'Everything that this event stands for is really him.'”

Read the full article here


A feature article in the September 16th, 2021 edition of The Press Democrat (left).

"Several animals featured in the mural, like the eagle, hawks and bears, also play a role in traditional Pomo culture, Hammock added.

'For me, when people see this mural, I want them to see this is a piece of who we are still,' Hammock said. 'When people talk about native people, they talk about them in the past. ... We’re proud of who we are. We’re proud of our culture.'"

Read the full article here

A feature article in the July 22nd, 2021 edition of The Press Democrat (right).

"'The number of times we’ve been honked at tells me how much people love what we’re doing,' Nuebel said. 'Art just brings so much life and joy to a space.'

Each flower, uniquely painted by Recology employees at home during the pandemic, was printed onto a special type of fabric that volunteers and apprentices have spent the past weeks applying directly to the mural wall."

Read the full article here


A feature article in the April 30th, 2021 edition of The Press Democrat (left).

"Youth report high levels of anxiety about their futures. How are we supporting students as they transition to the workforce or postsecondary education? What can we do to ensure graduates have housing they can afford? Can the business community create paid internships that enable school-aged youth to see potential career paths?


Many local school districts contract with youth-serving nonprofit agencies to bring services onto their campuses. Let’s continue making these investments and bring in new partnerships that get kids connected to expanded arts and environmental education programs — two fields deeply linked to healing from trauma."

Read the full article here.

A feature article in the December 6, 2020 edition of The Press Democrat (below).

Read the full article here.

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A feature article in the August 11, 2020 edition of the Sonoma County Press Democrat (above).

Read the full article here.

Read more about Artstart in this October 2, 2020 article featured in The Community Voice (below).

Read the full article here.


On March 3, 2020 Artstart had the honor of being awarded a proclamation from the city of Santa Rosa declaring MARCH ARTSTART MONTH (above).


Linda Oritz, Liz Uribe, Jennifer Tatum,

Jayne Burns and Hannah Day.

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