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Artstart is an award winning 501(c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 1999.  We are excited to have mentored over 2000 Sonoma County young apprentices in our home-based training, arts integration within our schools, and group training at our Arthouse in South Santa Rosa.  Our mission is to provide mentoring and stimulating work experience for youth 14-20 years of age while creating art for our community.  Artstart’s vision is to inspire talented youth to become artists and communicate through visual arts.  We value the dignity and potential of all people.  We respect and acknowledge all experiences and support diversity, equality and inclusion.  We know that the very nature of creativity is transformative, where art serves as the foundation for discovery of self to mold the future. 


Our Teen Apprentice Program serves as an invitation for students to begin to explore the creative process.  This entry level program engages apprentices in the process technical art making.  Our Apprentice Program requires the completion of a portfolio for admission.  Apprentices receive continued support in community engagement, public speaking, portfolio development as well as focus on artist’s statements and resume writing.  Apprentices also observe marketing strategies as related to unique creative processes.   


Artstart’s Lead Artist Program has attracted multi-talented professional artists, many of whom started with our organization as apprentices.  The Lead Artists enliven the apprentice experience through mentoring and bold leadership.  While the Lead Artist inspires and motivates the team, they also maintain the vision and quality set by our Program Director.  The Lead artists provide mentoring in project planning and excellence in art making.  


The Program Director is accountable to the Board of Directors and responsible for implementing our mission through compelling artistic programing and visionary strategic planning.  In addition to vibrant artistic leadership, the Program Director engages with the community to forge partnerships and cultivate relationships.  The Program Director collaborates with public and private organization, academic institutions, arts organizations, and professional artists to create a pipeline to nourish and develop the next generation of artists.   


Our Arts Integration Program (AIP) has roots in project based learning and has a strong partnership with Sonoma County Office of Education, teachers and students.  This transformative program enriches wholistic learning in all subjects and supports both in class and remote teaching models as well as hands-on experience within our Arthouse.     


The works of our thriving Community Arts Program (CAP) can be found throughout Sonoma County.   Creative art installations include murals, sculptures, lending libraries, painted park benches, and mosaics displays.  This public art not only beautifies our community but unites and promote dialogue.   You will also find our art in parks, on walls, on streets, in public and government spaces, on business walls, transit malls, walking paths, bike trails, on barns and backyards, in hospitals, hospices and senior centers.  Through our mission, Artstart remains dedicated to the creation of art that transforms our community and connection to Sonoma County.

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