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Public art, job training for youth, and environmental stewardship blend with colorful storm drain labeling to draw attention to the connection between streets and creeks. Artstart and the Creek Stewardship Program, two long-standing, successful programs in Sonoma County, CA, provide aspiring young artists opportunities to create environmentally themed art. Hand-painted fish labels placed around inlets to the storm drain system will inspire residents to help prevent pollution from entering the drains which flow into the nearest creek. This project will be the first of its kind created for the 175,000 citizens, 18,000 storm drains and 100-mile network of creeks in Santa Rosa, CA.

Environmental Need: Storm drains carry rainwater from Santa Rosa’s streets and parking lots to the closest creek. Often, water flowing down storm drains contributes pollution to that creek. Trash in creeks is a major pollution problem that threatens healthy wildlife habitat and water quality. Inspiring people to care for creeks through caring about what flows into storm drains is a proven method to decrease water pollution and improve creek health.

Project Installation: 5 storm drains in the Historic Railroad Square District on Wilson Street at the corners of 4th and 5th Streets have been chosen to receive the pilot program’s first fish labels.Installation will be at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday October 7, 2018. Please feel welcome to stop by and see the installation in progress.

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