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An Art Trails Raffle Benefiting Artstart


Art Trails is raffling off the sculpture, Renewal, with proceeds to benefit Artstart. Raffle tickets are $25 each. The sculpture is on display at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. 


Charlie Cobb worked in wood the way Michelangelo worked with marble—intuitively sensing what was flowing inside the material he was working with. He made both functional and sculptural art working with exotic hardwoods, sometimes augmenting his work with metal and glass.


Rick Butler's introduction to welding began in high school where it grew into both a career and a hobby. He appreciates contrast and tries to use color, dissimilar metals, and organic materials in his totems, sculptures, and garden panels.


With a background in graphic design, Valerie Adams uses the principles of balance, color, focus, and harmony to create one of a kind fused glass artwork and lighting, functional and decorative tableware, and whimsical garden art.


Renewal is a collaboration between three artists working within their chosen mediums with each component supporting and elevating the other. Imagined as a celebration of reuse, the individual materials began as something else: a lamp base, a machine part, a glass dish. Together they shine with renewed energy.


Charlie Cobb passed away before Renewal was complete but he entrusted the piece to Rick and Valerie to see it to completion. As he always said, "My work is both organic and geometric: my ultimate goal has always been to create a unique, beautiful object."

We think Charlie would agree that Renewal is just that.

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