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Connection is, to varying degrees, at the heart of the human condition and the human mind – but especially so for those is their adolescent years.  During this time, one of the primary tasks of development is to reach out to establish new relationships while examining those they currently know, and in so doing, foster a stronger sense of their own identity and their place in the world.  The CoVID-19 Pandemic and resulting Shelter in Place order, while presenting a challenging obstacle to this critical developmental stage, has also allowed our youth to step up to that challenge by engaging in the transformative power of Art and Creativity to maintain our sense of togetherness and community.   Artistic endeavors remain a primary outlet for developing one’s sense of purpose and meaning while simultaneously providing a connection to other people, to the world around us, and to ourselves.

Matthew Zils, PsyD

Child & Adolescent Psychologist

Kaiser Permanente Child Psychiatry

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