Vince Harper Portrait : South Park Community Mural

A mural at Martin Luther King Junior Park, Santa Rosa, CA

Vince Harper Portrait : added to the South Park Mural 

A Mural @ Martin Luther King Junior Park

Santa Rosa, CA

Lead Artist: Erika Lutz

Assistant Lead Artists: Kaya Gately and Alina Nuebel

See You on the Other Side is a massive 480 foot long mural transforming the entire courtyard of Amarosa Academy, an alt-ed high school in Santa Rosa.

This mural is an homage to the strange, beautiful, and sometimes difficult transitions that the students at Amarosa Academy are navigating in their life journeys.


Artstart lead artist Erika Lutz and lead assistants Alina Neubel and Kaya Gately have been working with the entire student body since November 2021 to translate their stories of resilience and growth through their mural.


The design is heavily influenced by the work of MC Escher and Charley Harper, intended to complement the architectural elements of the school as a metaphor for the labyrinth-like journey of inner and outer transformation.


June marked the beginning and end of Amarosa's summer school session, where Amarosa students joined our artists in transforming their walls with giant blocks of paint-by-number color.


Each session began with a mindfulness meditation to reintroduce color in the context of the concepts in the mural.


Our new color identities reflect the families they belong to – Love, Water, Plants, Gold, and The Space Between. Choosing words written in their own language echoed the symbolism in the mural's visual themes – words like Abraso (Embrace), Tormenta (Storm), Oscuridad (Shadow) and Luz (Sunlight). 


For two golden hours color was worked into the walls while listening to music, discussing mural themes, trading stories, and connecting the dots to mini earth science and social studies lessons.


Anticipated mural completion by end of 2022!

About Amarosa Academy

Amarosa Academy is part of the Sonoma County Alternative Education Program.


The mission of the Sonoma County Alternative Education Programs is to provide alternative pathways that connect each student to opportunities for learning and living.

Learn more here.

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Funding for SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE is provided by the Sonoma County Office of Education through an Expanded Learning Opportunities grant.