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Vince Harper Portrait : South Park Community Mural

A mural at Martin Luther King Junior Park, Santa Rosa, CA

Vince Harper Mural 

A collaborative mural by our Artstart Team : Alina Nubel and Emi Baumgardner

Address:  South Park Mural in Santa Rosa 

Year: 2022 

This mural is a memorial of a man named Vince Harper, who made a great impact on the lives of youth and his community. Harper devoted three decades of his life working as the Director of community engagement for Community Action Partnership, a non-profit organization in Santa Rosa. He is remembered for all of his hard work and dedication with underprivileged youth. This work is represented by his numerous awards, such as the Sonoma County Jefferson Award, and PDI Hero Award. His goal with his life mission and the Community Action Partnership was to build economic and social stability for low-income families as well as advocate for social and economic justice. 

“He was a person who worked from the heart,” said two teens of parents who participated in the program, “He gave his life to his job and to the people that he would come in contact with, especially the youth. He had a big heart for youth and families in need and was always very respectful.” Harper was not only beloved by his close friends and family, but every person whose life he touched; each individual only had amazing things to say about him. He shared his brilliant mind and big heart with the ones around him; which is why we share his memory today with this mural. 

Vince Harper dedicated his life to the at-risk youth of Santa Rosa, in his time working at Community Action Partnership, a non profit organization in Santa Rosa. 

Vince Harper passed away in late 2021 at 55 years old. Harper is remembered for his hard work and dedication to the underprivileged youth in our community and has been awarded the Sonoma County Jefferson Award and PDI Hero Award. 

He is commemorated with the addition of his portrait added to the mural in the South Park neighborhood in Santa Rosa. 

Artstart apprentice Emi and lead artist Alina Nubel, worked on the portrait to honor Vince Harper in Artstart’s addition to the South Park Mual. The portrait of Vince Harper will be added to the other portraits of civil rights figures and community members in the South Park Mural.

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