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A mural in Collaboration with School Gardens Network at Salmon Creek Middle School

Occidental, CA


In July of 2022, we successfully completed another mural using poly tab (mural fabric) on a new surface: a plastic water tank!


Designed and lead by artist Hannah Day, this mural was done in collaboration with School Garden Network with the goal of adorning the water tank located in the school garden at Salmon Creek Middle School, while engaging young campers with ecological curriculum in a creative way.  


We wrapped the tank, which measures about 40 feet is circumference and stands approximately 5.5 feet tall, in painted waterways, and decked it out in paintings of plants and animals created by the 8-12 year olds who attended the School Garden Network's summer camps held in the garden that month. The effect is a unique, hand painted and paper cut collaged story book illustration-style mural. 




Campers were lead in a six day workshop over the course of the month and Each camper picked out an organism from the ecosystem they were learning about at camp - Salmon Creek and the surrounding area - and created a colorful and expressive painting with the colors of their organism. Artstart artists and apprentices then cut these gorgeous abstract paintings into the silhouettes of the chosen animals and plants, and added a few outlines as a final touch. 


Each camper placed their painted piece on the tank for the final step, and in so doing also learned the install process for this versatile and vital material in public art. Over all, more than sixty young children had their hands in this mural process. In addition, 2 Artstart apprentices and 3 WEX Arstart interns were mentored. 


Emily, the camp director, said about the mural: “the imagery tells the story of this year's Garden Camp - plum crisps eaten under the willow tree, buzzing honey bees, towering sunflowers, and the cool flowing creek water.”

Have a water tank you want painted by Artstart? Reach out to us! Your commission helps support our program, mentoring teen artists in public art and professional art practices.

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