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Nonetheless my art is my power

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15 years old 

My clown people represent the foolishness and annoyance I feel seeing this world I was born into already struggling so much. Our system is flawed so deeply and I see how everyone around me is affected every day forced into a life that we did not chose. Life is unfair and frustrating but there is hope in everything we do to persist. We have apathy and sadness and anger and happiness; every day we chose to wake up and feel, and continue on to make our existences more meaningful is a act of defiance and power. I am continually frustrated that I am in a position of weakness and privilege. This shelter in place makes me think about the past and remember things that I question if ever happened, my brain and dreams feel broken and confused, fantasy leaks into my crude reality. Nonetheless my art is my power. And I will continue to use it.

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