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Why are they out of their Bubbles?

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

art by Calla Reinecke

“During the pandemic so far everyone has been stuck inside their homes, but the way I see if it's almost like everyone is stuck inside their own bubbles. In my drawing the bubbles represent our homes and how we are stuck in them all the time. Another reason the bubbles remind me of peoples homes is because slowly they will start to drift apart from each other acting like relationships becoming more distant over time because of being able to see one another.  Also, at the bottom of the drawing there are two people who got out of their bubbles and are going to each other, while the other people at the top of the paper who are still in their bubbles are glaring and making rude comments about how they should not be breaking the rules. That’s how I feel when I go on a walk without a mask on.”

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