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Mosaic Program Sponsorships

Our Mosaic Apprenticeship Program for Spring 2024 is now FULLY FUNDED!

Thank you to the awesome, amazing, generous folks who have signed on as Mosaic Program Sponsors!

Why Mosaics?

Creating a mosaic is kind of like a jigsaw puzzle - you work through it with your hands, building focus and concentration.


Like solving a jigsaw puzzle, you can easily share the work of creating a mosaic with other people, encouraging collaboration and teamwork. And the mosaic will become more beautiful with every mind and hand that goes into it!


But unlike a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces that make up a mosaic don't usually fit perfectly, one piece slotting in to the next. Fitting the irregularly shaped pieces of tile together to achieve the design you want helps nurture problem-solving skills.


Cutting and arranging small mosaic pieces teaches you about the design process, color theory, and composition - basic skills but also super important skills for an artist.

Heart Mosaic.gif

What is an Artstart Mosaic Apprenticeship?

A multi-week program for Sonoma County youth to learn and build skills in teamwork, focus, problem-solving, design, composition, and color theory with the guidance and mentorship of our Lead Artists.

What is the Mosaic Sponsorship?

Artstart's programs and projects are funded by commissions, grants, donations, and sponsorships. We're a small and scrappy outfit, making just enough to keep our program going with two part-time staffers and bringing in lead artists for specific funded projects.


This is where mosaic sponsorships (and hopefully you?) come in...


The Mosaic Sponsorship is an opportunity for community members to give aspiring young artists in Sonoma County the gift of learning a new creative skill and receive a special gift in return (once we reach our $2500 fundraising goal). There are three sponsorship tiers, each is a tax deductible donation to Artstart:


Donate $300 or more and receive one mosaic stepping stone and one print of Artstart's 25th Anniversary poster.

Donate $150 - $299 and receive one mosaic stepping stone.

Donate $25 - $149 and receive one print of  Artstart's 25th Anniversary poster.


When you fill out the sponsorship form you will have the opportunity to choose a design theme and let us know what colors you'd like for your mosaic stepping stone. Each stepping stone is an approximately 12x12 inch concrete square, about 2 inches thick.

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