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A greater appreciation

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

“There is no one way that I can describe how I’m feeling about the social distancing for the coronavirus pandemic. So I made my artwork have many ways to take it. One being that because of the social distancing, I have grown a greater appreciation for school, or the freedom of going outside in general. Now that I’m home, I am always thinking back to school and when I was in school, I was always thinking back to home. In both places, my exciting memories are a blur and regularly glancing at the clock is a habit to prove to myself that time hasn’t stopped yet. I’m always just busy working no matter where I am, but when I sit back and think, I don’t feel any feeling of accomplishment. I tried incorporating feelings of loneliness for both places. With the arms, I tried creating an equal sign to represent my similar feelings that I realized that I felt from each place. Besides the ones I already said, there are still many other perspectives that you can take on my artwork because I have learned a lot about myself from this coronavirus reality we are all living in.” Angel, age 14

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