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In your Dreams

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

art by Seelah

Right now, a lot of us are dreaming. Maybe it’s a simple dream, like being able to sit down at your favorite Italian restaurant again, or maybe it’s a major dream, like opening your own tech company in Silicon Valley. Maybe you’re just dreaming of getting your job back and feeding your family. Unfortunately, they’re all unattainable right now. We’re dreaming, but we’re dreaming sadly; we’re dreaming in black and white.

But these evasive, hazy tendrils of hope are all we have to hold on to. We must cherish them and let them encompass us as people. In my dream world of whimsical clouds, endless spirals, and fluid lines, I am free to roam and to think and to exist. If we can do nothing else during these trying times, let us, at the very least, exist. The prompt for this project was: where do you find hope, strength, and compassion? I find them in dreams.

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