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Further Apart Then Ever

Art by Agatha age 17

I'm a seventeen year old junior from Petaluma, and the piece I would like to submit for your ¨Shelter in place¨ collection is my digital collage, ¨Further apart than ever.¨ 

¨Further apart then ever,¨ is based on the emotional and physical separation from loved ones we are facing, it is meant to focus on the true human experience rather than what the government is saying. Thus I chose to use aspects of a renaissance painting, ¨God creating Adam¨ by Michelangelo, as that is when artists start to focus on humans as painting subjects, and have the background be news paper, to bring the focus onto the hands that are nearly touching. 

I would like to thank you for this chance to share my art, as normally it stays tucked away in the back corner of my closet. 

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