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Look Back and Remember

art by Cheyanne age 17

For my piece I really wanted to reflect on how I was feeling about this whole crazy situation and pandemic. My idea came to me when I was laying outside and looking up at the sky. I wanted to try to paint a masked face from clouds. On the lower half of my painting it a desert, but if you look closely there are lots of other details, such as: a graveyard, a hazard sign, a trash can, and the Golden Gate Bridge. I think each one of these things represents a different part of this time. This pandemic has had its ups and downs, but for me it is like a landscape, it could be thought of as just a background, but it is always there and there is so much more depth and detail if you look close enough. That’s way I chose to paint a landscape, so that when I look back I can easily remember what I was feeling.

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