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art by Ellie

“Here is my drawing description: This drawing represents the need for all people to come together to support black people in their fight for equality and freedom from oppression. Before drawing this image, I wanted to find a way to represent the beauty of connection and support for those who are suffering and facing discrimination because of who they are. I chose to draw flower and vines coming off of the hands because from the unity between all people, new relationships, experiences, and even a new world, can grow. The flowers are Black-eyed Susans, which is the flower for justice. The names of black Americans killed as a result of racism is displayed at the bottom of the drawing to serve as a reminder to us that there have been many people who have died throughout this fight to end oppression, and we need to keep their memories and stories alive to achieve justice. I wanted to emphasize that justice can only be achieved when we all come together and look beyond the surface of our skin and instead see people for who they are inside.”

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