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The Pomo Project Mural at Elsie Allen High School, Santa Rosa, CA
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The Pomo Project Mural at Elsie Allen High School

An incredible integration of local history, art, community, and teen mentorship culminated in this spectacular mural celebrating indigenous culture and our natural environment.

In 2021, during COVID19 lockdown, through distance learning and Zoom tutorials, Artstart collaborated with the Elsie Allen Foundation, Elsie Allen students and art department, and the MEChA club to create the Elsie Allen Weaving Cultures Mural (Press Democrat, November 15, 2021).


That spectacular mural accomplishment was embraced by a local native group, the Pomo Project, and the dream of the POMO SPIRIT OF HEALING MURAL has become a reality. Artist and muralist Joseph Luis Salinas, a Kashia Pomo and founder of the Pomo Dancers of Sonoma County, conceived the design over 10 years ago. Read the inspiring and fascinating full story on The Pomo Project website.


The Pomo people of Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino counties have been here since time immemorial. We are the original stewards of this land, following in our ancestors’ footsteps in caring for and protecting our traditional ways of life. We live in interconnectedness with our plant and animal relatives. Keeping our culture alive allows us to honor the Pomo people’s past, present and future.

Today Pomo people contribute to all aspects of contemporary society. We honor our ancestors by continuing our old ways of gathering traditional foods and medicines, basket weaving, holding ceremonies, dancing and singing, speaking our languages and passing this knowledge on to our young people.


Christine Cobaugh

Rose Hammock, Enrolled Tribal Member with the Round Valley Indian Tribes

(Pomo, Wailacki, Maidu)

Joseph Luis Salinas (Kashia Stewart’s Point Band of Pomo Indians) Tribal Member 

A collaboration between Artstart and the Pomo Project. 


Artstart worked with The Pomo Project and Elsie Allen High School to bring Joe's vision to life. Artstart’s Lead Artist, Hannah Day, mentored dozens of students and volunteers in painting the many elements of this mural in meticulous detail. Over 50 volunteers, apprentices, students, and local artists, spanning three generations, came together to make this mural happen. 


Original mural composition by Joseph Luis Salinas.

Interpreted and executed by Lead Artist, Hannah Day.

Assisted by:

Annalisa Sher
Lina Chambliss
Chris Mckee
Kaya Gately
Elizabeth Zindler


Lead EAHS Teacher: Trenton Smith


Elsie Allen High School teens from Art 1, 2 & 3

Native Community Volunteers Artstart Volunteers


The Pomo Project

Elsie Allen High School Foundation

 Richard A. and Elizabeth T. Randolph Sunrise Rotary Donor Advised Fund

Mary A. Crocker Trust

Miranda Lux Foundation

City of Santa Rosa (CAB Grant) Community Advisor Board

Habematole POMO of Upper Lake County

Bank of Marin

County of Sonoma Board of Supervisors

Community Foundation Sonoma County

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